Training Classes

Check out our one-to-one or group class options below.

3 Day Group Training (18hr)

Use 3 days to learn all the lessons of  the 2 day seminar plus a special section on Creative investing and Private Equity Which will teach you skills like building, rebalancing  and monitoring your portfolio 401Ks and RothIRAs $1152
Per Person

2 Day Training (12hr)

Take hold of your financial future by hosting a 2 day Seminar the covers broad topics like Stock Trading, Options strategies, Forex and Real Estate. You and or your group will learn industry standard tools and techniques for building longterm wealth and cashflow. We can present at a location of your choice or virtual. 
Per Person

1 Day Training (6hr)

Get started investing the right way. With this Intro, you will learn the basics of the market and recieve a detailed overview of what methods you can use to begin investing  in Stocks,Options, Forex, BitCoin or Real Estate or immediately.
Per Person


With this Intro, you will learn the Same as any of the other trainings but with a personal and customized curriculum that allows you to pick and choose from any of the topics of the group classes to fit your needs.

Training Per Person