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Learning how to trade can be difficult, let us help you start your journey right. IncuTrader is an investment family that works together to give retail traders all the tools they need to survive until they become competent. We incubate you until you are trading like the professionals.

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The number one reason people fail in investing and trading is a lack of support during the times when they are making the most mistakes. IncuTrader offers that support and guidance in a way that is not only customer focused but also technologically advanced. We provide you with a support group and advanced tools that can analyze your habits and reduce your learning curve.

We offer education it multiple ways. Ourmost popular is one on one training. We believe that sometimes, it takes a personal touch and attention to help our students understand the complexities of trading and investing. However along with one on one training we also offer online training, social trading and virtual investment groups.

When investing long term, the goal is to be balanced, diversified, and efficient. We want to be your guide or even a second opinion on the structural integrity of your existing investment portfolio or retirement entity like your 401k or RothIRA. We want to answer your investment questions and help you understand what your choices are.

Since learning to invest is a journey, we want to be a lifelong companion. Traveling with someone who has been to the destination you seek, makes a trip more safe and enjoyable. We have many advisors and trainors who would love to be mentors as you improve your skills in investing and tradeing. Having someone to model is sometimes the difference between success and failure. Let us be your support.

Client Breakdown

  • Education and Consulting Clients 95%
  • Porfolio Analysis and Managment 60%
  • Custom Training and Mentorship 35%

Our Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

When you contact us, we set and initial meeting to determine what your goals are and what you need to reach those goals.

Step 2: Customized Trading Education

Once we know what you need, we then build a training program just for you that will show you how to reach your ideal trading proficiaency and competency level.

Step 3: Follow up and Support

Once you start your education, we provide a community to answer you questions and guide your progress. We also facility meetings with peers on your same education level so that you have social network to grow with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often when we encounter people who want to get started trading, they are always apprehensive about their ability to succeed in a business that seems to be difficult and geared towards one type of person. However, the world of investing and trading has changed dramatically since the invention of the internet, social media and smartphones. You no longer need to be a special type of person from a special background or have special access to succeed. What you do need is information and a learned skill.

Let us answer your questions and help you begin the fulfilling path of not only learning to trade but also learning how to let your money make more money for you long term.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Most of our clients are individuals who are new to the trading world, but since we train you to become professionally competent, All levels of traders are welcomed.

Do I need investment capital to get started?

No, There are many ways to teach you to trade without you using any of your own money or even real money. However, it is advised to use some amount of capital to get started because through this you begin to better understand the psychological aspects of trading decisions. You can start with as little as $100 or as much as a Million. The rules are still the same.

Do I have to be a full time trader?

No, Some of the best trading techniques out there only require you to look at the market once a week. We can show you methods that match with what ever schedule or time constraints you have.

What Our Students are Saying

 I’ve always known about stock trading, but IncuTrader helped me take my trading to another level by showing me advanced options trading techniques. They are truly a great educator.

Herman W.

In my current work I deal with numbers and analytics often. I wasn’t sure if I could use these same skills in trading and investing in the market. IncuTrader helped me learn how to take my existing skill set and apply it to options trading techniques that have opened a whole new world to me. Thanks Guys.

Diana F.

Day trading has always been an interest of mine. I have always wanted to know what those wall street types were doing to make all that money. IncuTrader helped me understand and got me started in Equity Futures day trading. Now I not only understand futures day trading but also Currency FX Trading.

Alvin S.